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"How would you react, if you were assigned to hunt down your best friend?"

This is the question that is asked throughout Destimonium. You are Alex, a Knight who awakens from a coma in time for his execution. He escapes and takes refuge in a neutral territory, known as Heaven's Hill. After taking a number of jobs, you are assigned with finding information regarding the whereabouts of your friend, who should be deceased.

Things aren't always as they seem.

The game is currently cancelled. a new game is being made in it's place. The features are still something I want to use in the future, so the game will be resurrected after the Action RPG is completed.

Donating to this will allow me to work on games faster and eventually make longer, story based games more like this one, at a higher quality.

The download is just an example/demo of the various systems that i am working on in the game it includes the following:

  • day-night system manipulation
  • Time manipulation and time-related events (lights turn on at night. guard will not talk to you until day, "master of time can move time forward 6 hours"
  • Battle area changes by variable
  • Indoor/outdoor detection (to assist with time manipulation / UI

This does not have any of the story elements that is in the Youtube Video. 


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Version 2