Destimonium 0.2.1 released

Testimonium 0.2.0 was an update that introduced the animal companions and added chests and new spells to the game. However, it was built right before a power supply failure, so certain thing that were saved did not make it into that release.

The werewolf is now a mid boss and defeating it will allow you access to a Wolf (Hearts) and a Fox (Foxcie) companion, the main boss for this demo is now a Golem and defeating it will give you the Meteora spell.

The next build will focus on streamlining animal and flight AI and will change the boss and midboss again so they can be tested as well

as always, feedback is appreciated


Testimonium: Story of Nevermore 0.2.1 (Destimonium Test) 1,011 MB
Oct 23, 2023

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