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Destimonium: the Story of Nevermore

Action RPG with multiple dungeons and fast-paced souls-like gameplay · By Chillback Digital


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Destimonium 0.2.1 released
Testimonium 0.2.0 was an update that introduced the animal companions and added chests and new spells to the game. However, it was built right before a power su...
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Destmonium test 0.2 released.
The original build was strictly for battle testing, and feedback really helped. I am working on better Keyboard inputs for KB/M Players, as well as adding a How...
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Testimonium: Story of Nevermore 0.1.2b (Destimonium Test)
Minor Update: Updated The AI, Most of the characters will no longer stare at the Wall. Updated the material of the BIG knight, making it easier to see...
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Testimonium 0.1.2a
Further updates based on feedback: Lowered or completely removed an ememies chance of block on hit. It caused confusion when suddenly attacks would not land. re...
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Introducing "Destimonium: The Story of NeverMore"
Originally, I was working on a Turn-Based RPG called "Destimonium," centered around protagonist Alex's confusing journey. One of the character's you would have...
Testionium 0.1.1
Thanks to Feedback, I was able to change a few animations and make the enemies’ defences look and feel better: Enemies now block with the appropriate weapon a...
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Hello! I just tested your game and I think it's promising. First, it seems more geared towards Fantasy than Dark Fantasy...
started by Fictium Sound Design Nov 20, 2023
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